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BEST Anilinkz Alternatives [Updated]



Anilinkz Alternatives

 Anilinkz Alternatives to Watch Anime Online for FREE

Are you an anime lover? If yes, then you are already acquainted with anime and animations.

Do you love to watch your favorite series online?, as you may know, is one of the best among all the anime streaming sites. It provides you with great content, graphics, and visuals. It’s a favorite for many people all across the globe.

However, do you face a problem to access the Anilinkz website?

If you are a great fan of anime and Anilinkz, you must know how difficult it is to find a proper website to watch anime online.

Not to worry. We are here to share some of the Top Alternatives of Anilinkz site. You can enjoy your favorite shows with the best alternatives given. Click on the links mentioned below and enjoy watching them online for free.

What is Anilinkz?

Anilinkz Alternatives

Anime is a well-liked show with an enormous fan following all over the world. Not only Japan, but the dubbed versions available is the main reason behind its huge fan following. Many famous sites are available to watch your favorite Anime series online. Anilinkz is one of them which have gathered popularity among many within a short range of time.

Anilinks is easy to handle. It provides excellent content and hundreds of videos with excellent HD videos and graphics as well as amusing sound. Anilinkz does not require any registration before use. Also, the search bar helps you to explore the series you want to watch. Just type the keyword of your favorite series. Its huge database and regular updates of new releases make it likable. You can put your choice, or it suggests you randomly.

After watching the series, if the user is left with some queries, he/she can clear them through the FAQs offered on the website. The viewer can even interact with the community to accrue more knowledge on a particular topic. Visit the chatbox on the right corner.

However, many face a problem to access the site. So we are providing our best Anilinkz alternative sites.

Best Anilinkz Alternatives

#1. is the most viewed site in the market. The website contains surplus anime contents. You can go through thousands of anime series without registering on the website. Its user-friendly layout attracts people more and more to use the site.

The search bar helps the user to find a particular series of their choice. Alternatively, the site itself helps you to find the same by providing suggestions. You can go through the reviews of the episodes or the ratings. The first-timers get some knowledge from the reviews of the most-watched series.

But ads on the website are a great problem for almost every viewer. The ads are so arranged that you cannot even remove them before a few seconds. It is so tricky that the user sometimes ends up clicking on the ads. The speed is remarkable.

Also, you can get all the latest updates and the new releases. Animefreak arranges the content in a grid, tile, and image-wise. All in all, the entire site is a treat for all the Anime lovers and is the best replacement of Anilinkz.

Where can I watch anime legally?


ChiaAnime.Tv - Watch Online

Like other Anilinkz alternative sites, this site also provides a large collection of videos. This legal site allows you to watch the series online and free of cost. Now, language is always a barrier in almost every case. But for this site, you get the dubbed version of the series in many other languages other than Japanese.

Moreover, every age group is entertained by the Anime series. You will get regular updates for the new releases as well as the upcoming ones. The interface is so made that all the twenty-six alphabets are available for you to select contents starting with the particular alphabet.

Similar to other websites, ads are present. But it is less disturbing than the others. All the features of this website make it a perfect alternative to Anilinkz.

#3. Anime-Planet

AnimePlanet - Best Anime Website

Anime-Planet is another attractive alternative of Anilinkz. It allows you to select your most-liked anime series of all times. It streams over 45,000 episodes of the anime series just like Anilinkz.

The most stunning feature of this site is that you can create your own playlist on Anime planet. The next time you visit the website, you get a separate space for you. The home page has weekly updates of anime shows.

GOGOAnime – Watch anime online in high quality for free

It’s a good idea to register and get notifications about the episodes. There is no limitation, as well. All contents are legal.

Once you register yourself for the site, you can take part in a conversation with the anime community. All kinds of information regarding the episodes are available on the website. To enjoy your favorite series, visit the site and explore.

#4. 9Anime

9Anime -Watch Anime Online

9Anime is the only site with much content about the series. Once you enter the site, you can see all sorts of information regarding the episodes in a detailed manner. Here, the color contrasts of the site make it even more attractive to the viewers. It is user-friendly.

You get thousands of episodes to watch, and it also provides information about the series on the review part. So go and watch anime online with the best picture quality and dubbed and subbed episodes without registering and spending a single penny.

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#5. AnimeLab


AnimeLab makes a special position among all anime streaming websites and surely a great alternative of Anilinkz. When all the other websites focus on fast searching, AnimeLab looks after genre Anime. It streams thousands of episodes for free. The colorful layout, HD graphics, and pleasant sound make it a perfect alternative of Anilinkz.

Any user can easily access the website and search for the episode they wish to watch. A provision of chatting and communicating with the anime community is also possible through this site. But the site is exclusive for people in Australia and New Zealand. The best thing about the site is that the annoying ads are absent. Click on the link and enjoy watching.

Note: Use VPN if you can’t access Animelab from your country


GOGOAnime Streaming Site

It is one of the best alternatives of Anilinkz. The website contains never-ending episodes starting from the oldest to the latest collections and the least popular to the most popular shows.

The contents are arranged in an A to Z manner for easy search of the user. The home page contains all the latest updates of the episodes with dubbed versions. As an Anime lover, what else do you need? On the left and right corners, you can find the ongoing as well as the recently added series.

Even, the website mentions different categories like Adventure, Sports, Comedy, Thriller and many more for easy recognition by the user. It contains ads. However, the other facilities compel the user to use the website as an alternative to Anilinkz.

Why is Gogoanime so slow?

#7. Netflix

Netflix - Watch Anime

Netflix is a platform where you can watch online films and television programs and even anime series from any part of the world. There is no restriction of language as dubbed versions are readily available. Extensive collections of series are available with full contents. Getting irritated by the ads and popup? Then this site is best for you.

The advantage of this site is that ads create no disturbance during the show. It’s one of the most searched sites of recent days and a close replacement to Anilinkz.

#8. KissAnime

KissAnime Top Anime Streaming Platform

We consider KissAnime as the Animation websites king. Millions of users all across the world use this website to get some quality entertainment and watch the Anime series online using the high-speed internet.

Just like Anilinkz, you can explore thousands of animated series in a perfect layout and user-friendly interface. Like YouTube, it provides a range of Anime quality options from 140p to 1280p. Explore the app.

Is Kissanime good?

#9. Masterani

It is another popular site for Anilinkz alternative. It is largely known for its English dubbed series. This site has more than 3000 anime series in high definition quality. You can get all the latest updates and new releases on the home page. Handling the site is an easy job to do.

The website can be accessed from anywhere in the world, not restricted to any particular location like Japan. It provides almost all similar features like Anilinkz and is almost equally popular as Anilinkz.

Masterani has a very well designed layout, which helps the user to find the shows quickly. All in all similar kind of data helps the site to take a position on the top-rated alternatives of Anilinkz. Original Domain is not available due to the permanent shut down. Check out the Best Masterani Alternatives

#10. Anime Simple

Anime Simple is a website for all anime lovers. This site shows some of the best classic anime series as well as the latest ones. Its user-friendly layout and HD picture quality gives it a special position among the top Anilinkz alternate sites.

Moreover, you get to choose between subbed and dubbed episodes. Ads create disturbances. However, the other features overcome the one con of the website. Many contents are available in the review section from where you can get an idea of what is going to happen on the series.

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Looking for a user-friendly site? Then this site is perfect for you. The home page contains icons of each series arranged in a specific manner. Filters such as Popular, Genre, and many more are applied for easy search with a search box as well.

It provides a description of the series and provides suggestions following already watched series. Moreover, you can create your own anime list and enjoy watching it every time you enter the website.

How to watch Anime online?

You can watch your favorite animated series by following few simple steps mentioned below.

Do a quick search of your favorite site on Google and enter it.

Find the episode you wish to watch among the list provided by the particular website.

Choose a particular episode from the desired title. And click on the play button. Now enjoy your favorite show in HD quality graphics and high-speed internet using the simple steps mentioned.

Is Anilinkz safe to watch online? If not, what we can do?

Anilinkz is one of the best websites for anime streaming, which is known for its exceptional collection of episodes, contents, layout, and high-quality graphics. But is this safe?

It shows plenty of ads during show-time. Also, often hackers take this advantage to harm your device through this. This is a significant loss for the user if his/her data is lost or is somebody hacks it during online shows.

Also many times these sites contain the pirated versions of the episodes.

Due to restrictions of sites to some specific region, it can easily be said that these streaming sites are not safe for the user.

However, there are solutions to every problem. To ensure the safety of the user, you should use a VPN. Virtual Private Network or VPN is a security app. It protects the user from all sorts of dangers, including hacking, data loss, and data theft. It gives you complete privacy and security. It also allows you to connect to the foreign servers.

Using a VPN is legal. So you can use it without any fear. However, the free versions are not safe at all. They provide less security, and your data may also be in shaky hands. So be careful while choosing your VPN. Here are some popular VPNs for your reference.

They are:

  • NordVPN
  • PureVPN
  • CyberGhost
  • IPVanish
  • Express VPN
  • Vypr VPN

In this whole content, we have seen how anime has entertained millions of people all over the world for so many years.

Excellent content and a nice story took the heart of many. Moreover, the Top-quality visuals and amazing sound add more to it. Among the Best anime streaming sites, Anilinkz is on the topmost position.

However, due to some cons, it is sometimes difficult to access.

Thus, we have provided you with the best replacements of Anilinkz with almost similar features.

Whatever site you search for, you need to do it safely. Otherwise, due to a lack of security, you can lose your data, or your device can be hacked. For that, we have provided you with the best VPNs. Now you can easily enjoy your favorite anime series through the alternatives maintaining the safety anytime and anywhere you wish.

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So the article gives you all-round information about the Best Anilinkz Alternatives and how to access them even if they are blocked.

If you found this article helpful then do share it with your friends and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Sagar Trivedi

    November 4, 2019 at 12:46 pm

    Very informative article. Netflix for anime is the best site to watch online cartoons. Thanks for the great article.

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