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How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once [FAST & EASY]



How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once

How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once #Gauntlet Method [2019]

Looking for a Guide to “Mass Unfollow on Instagram“. Then you are in the right place. It’s something that many people struggle with. nobody interested in clicking the unfollow button each time for this process. Yes, there is a simple way to fix the issue[We call it Gauntlet Method]. In this article, you’ll learn exactly “How To Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once

First of all, I must say the thought behind this post. Some days ago my friend called me and told me”Hey man can you help me” and I replied to him “What’s the problem?”. The issue he told me was – How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram that is not following me.

Yeah I know it’s not a single person’s problem. it’s the reason many of you are here. and it’s not an impossible thing also. You will get a solution to Unfollow everyone who isn’t following you on Instagram after this Post is over.

In this post I will cover:-

  • Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limits.
  • How to Unfollow Everyone without getting banned.
  • Unfollow Everyone who doesn’t follow you back:)
  • Apps to do Mass Unfollow on Instagram.

Let’s get Started!

Instagram Follow/Unfollow Limits

Instagram Limits- Follow & Unfollow
Instagram Limits

Before getting on to “Gauntlet Method” it is important to know about Limits set by Instagram for the Follow & Unfollow activity. There are limits for other activities on Instagram (commenting, like, DM,..etc). But we are only covering about Follow/Unfollow Limits since this post is around those activities only.

First thing is to know that there is no Universal limit. It varies from people to people. Because it depends on some factors such as Account’s Age, No. of followers, Account activities…etc. and they have their own Algorithms to calculate the Limit.

According to Insta, to protect from spam Instagram doesn’t allow users to follow people more than 7.5k.

Concerning hourly limits, We understand that New accounts that follow more than 20 users in an hour will face some issues. and for accounts that are active for years can follow/unfollow 50 users in an hour without any problems. As we said depending on some factors it can vary a little bit.

Regarding Daily limits, we came to know that it’s between 100-200 for new accounts and a maximum of 300-400 allowed for Old active accounts. But our advice is to play within the limits. Do only 20% less than this mentioned amounts according to your Account status (Ex: is safe to follow up to 160 per day for New Accounts).

How To Unfollow Everyone On Instagram [Gauntlet Method]

Thanos wiped out half of the universe with the snap of his fingers using Infinity Gauntlet. Now you can Wipe out [Unfollow :)] users you follow with some taps of your finger. Cool Right. That’s why we named This unfollow technique “Gauntlet Method”. You can Unfollow Everyone on Instagram with this App[in Both Android and iOS].

Also If you want to Unfollow only who doesn’t follow you back, we’ve included that in this guide. and Don’t forget to read “How to Unfollow Everyone without getting Banned” before leaving the site.

Unfollow Everyone on Instagram – BEST APP FOR ANDROID

Instagram Mass Unfollow Android
Instagram Mass Unfollow at Once

I didn’t just rate this application based on my personal opinion and I gave each app to my Geek friends to test. That way, I could find the Best Android Application available right now to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once.

This is probably the most effective FREE Instagram Assistant application for Mass Unfollow.

Download Instgram Followers Asstistant APK below

App NameFollowers Assistant
DeveloperFollowers Assistant Inc.
File Size11 MB
Last UpdatedMay 28 2019
Followers Assistant
Followers Assistant

Read Also:

How to do “Mass Unfollow” with Followers Assistant APP

  • After downloading the application open it and you need to Tick on three options and Allow the permissions.
Followers Assitant Apk Premium
Allow Permissions
  • After that you login to your Instagram account in the Followers Assistant App.
  • Now the app will show you how many followers you have and how many peoples you’re following.
How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram #1
Unfollow Everyone on Instagram #!
  • To Unfollow everyone on Instagram, click on “following” under your username. then there you can select the number of peoples you want to Unfollow. after selecting the number tap on “Stop Follow”. Boom! the unfollow process will start and wait for it to finish.
Unfollow Everyone on Instagram #2
Unfollow Everyone on Instagram #2
  • You can also select “Stop follow in Background” if needed. And can do other tasks on your mobile,

How to do Mass Unfollow Without Getting Banned

You need to take some precautions ❗ before playing against Instagram Algorithms. If you do anything extremely there are chances to get flagged. We’ve done this only by taking these measures and it worked very well. We never got banned.

Not so many rules 🙂

  • The first rule is play within the limits. you’ve already got the information about Instagram Limits above. If you skipped those please see above.
  • Do this Auto Unfollowing on the same device always. So they will not doubt you.
  • Make sure that you are using the ” Random Delay” option in the Application.
  • That’s All, Make sure you follow these instructions and save your account from bans.

Unfollow Who doesn’t follow You back on Instagram

Using this trick you will be able to see whoever unfollowed you or who are not followed you on Instagram. Yes you can do it without going over your Profile many times and check who are not following you.

With the Followers Assistant Application you can unfollow those Multiple ID’s at once. And you can mark few ID’s which you want to exclude from the Unfollow list. which is a great thing that you will not miss updates from your favourite celebrities by using this tool. No celebrity is not going to follow you back until you are a celebrity. So the thing is you can mark your favourite persons from the List from the Auto Unfollow List.

So let’s do that!

  • First open Followers Assistant Application you have installed already.
  • Then swipe to the left and you’ll see a list titled “Who doesn’t follow : “
Unfollow People Who Don't Follow Back
Unfollow People Who Don’t Follow Back
  • Tap on STOP FOLLOW option above the list then select How many People you want to Unfollow there. and tick on “Use Random Delay 10-30 sec
unfollow everyone on instagram all at once
Instagram Mass Unfollow – who doesn’t follow back
  • After doing the steps above Click on “Stop Follow” or “Stop Follow in Background” if you want to do other activities at the same time.
  • Now the Mass Unfollow Process will start, and you will get a notification after the process finished. If you’ve selected the Background Unfollow Option.
Instagram Mass Unfollow Process
Instagram Mass Unfollow Process

Unfollow Everyone on Instagram – BEST APP FOR iOS

Instagram Mass Unfollow iOS
How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram – iOS

This is probably the Best Instagram Assistant for iOS, This Application outranks the others with its unique features and Fast Cleaning. Auto Unfollow works very well with this App. Other than “Bulk Unfollow” feature, you can use Bulk delete and Bulk Unlike posts in this Powerful tool.

Another Good thing is they added support for Two-Factor Authentication in the latest update. and one con is that you need to do Some In-App Purchases if you want to do Unlimited Unfollow and remove Ads. The Purchase amount is 2$ only if you want Unlimited Unfollow otherwise you can use it for FREE.

Cleaner for Instagram – iOS

App NameMass Unfollow for Instagram
SellerThai Dinh
Size37.8 MB
CompatibilityRequires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
‎Mass Unfollow for Instagram
‎Mass Unfollow for Instagram
Developer: Thai Dinh
Price: Free+

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So the article gives you all round information about “How to Unfollow Everyone on Instagram at Once“. Now that you know exactly how to use Auto Unfollow on Instagram and use that without getting banned. Why waste time for this Easy task when you can do it with some simple clicks 😛

If you found this Mass Unfollow Tutorial helpful then do share it with your friends and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

Thank You 🙂

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