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Message Center Number List for All Operators [2020]



Message Center Number All operators State wise list

Message Center Number List For All Networks [Latest State Wise List]

SMS center number issue
When SMS sending failed 🙂

Having trouble sending messages from your Mobile Network. Yes, I have seen many users facing this issue. This may be due to two reasons 1. You don’t have enough balance 2. Wrong Message center number.

Yes, it’s Annoying and confusing, you receive text messages, and you have enough balance but whenever you try to send an SMS, seeing errors like “Message Not Sent, Try again”  “Unable to Send Sms”. That’s why I collected a list of Vodafone, BSNL, Aircel, Idea, Jio, Reliance GSM, Tata Docomo, Telenor, Airtel Message Center number for All states and I will show you How to fix above-mentioned “SMS sending issues” with proper steps.

Let’s jump right in.

Before Setting/Fixing the Message center Number of your Mobile Network.

Let’s see What is SMSC a.k.a “Short Message Service Center” & How to Set Message Center Number in Any Mobile

What is the Message Center Number?

An SMS centre (SMSC) is responsible for handling the SMS operations of a wireless network.

  1. When an SMS message is sent from a mobile phone, it will first reach an SMS centre.
  2. The SMS centre then forwards the SMS message towards the destination.
  3. The main duty of an SMSC is to route SMS messages and regulate the process. If the recipient is unavailable (for example, when the mobile phone is switched off), the SMSC will store the SMS message.
  4. It will forward the SMS message when the recipient is available and the message’s expiry period is not exceeded.

Reference: Wikipedia

Default Message Center Number for All Networks

There are many mobile networks in India just like that lot’s of people are using different networks. So many people have encountered this SMS Center Number issue. If you are facing this Problem now, Select Default Message Center number from below list and set that number in your Message Center number Box. If it’s not working, We have another list of All Networks Message Center Number for All states in INDIA [This List contains SMSC Number of 9 Mobile Networks (Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, BSNL, Jio…etc)]

OperatorMessage Center Number
Airtel Message Center Number

BSNL Message Center Number

Idea Message Center Number

Vodafone Message Center Number

Jio Message Center Number

Reliance GSM Message Center Number

Tata Docomo Message Center Number

Aircel Message Center Number

Telenor Message Center Number


Those Who do not know How to Set SMS Center Number, We have included Guide for that also. You can read it below this Table

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Note: If the Above Default Message center number is not working, you can find State specific SMS Center Number below this GUIDE.

How To Change Message Center Number in Android

I hope you Copied the SMS center number you need from the table above.  Now I am going to guide you How to set the Correct Message center number for your Mobile Operator. There are two methods two set the SMSC Number. Both methods are very easy.

  1.  Via Message settings
  2. By Dialling USSD Code (Try this method if you don’t have message center option in Message settings)

Change Message Center Number Via Message Settings

  • Open Default SMS application on your phone
  • Tap on the Menu button(3 Dots) then select settings Scroll Down and select Message Center Number. If you cannot find the SMS center number in the menu list. There will be an option for SMS/Text Message Settings or Advanced Settings, Select SMSC Number from there)
SMS Center Number Settings
  • After selecting Message center Number, type Working message center number for your operator
Select Message center Number
Set Message Center Number

In the Above Screenshot, I entered Airtel Message Center Number

  • After changing the message center number you can send SMS without any errors.

Note: Don’t remove the country code from the message center number. without country code, the SMSC will not work properly. Also for some devices like Xiaomi you need to open phones settings -> System apps-> messaging to access Message settings

If the above method doesn’t work try this alternate USSD Method for Changing Message Center Number

Change Message Center Number in ANDROID [Via USSD Code]

If you cannot find Message Center Number in your Message settings. Don’t worry Try this Simple USSD (*#*#4636#*#*) Method. This method is working on almost Every Android Versions. Check Images below every step to do this method without errors

Tested on
Android Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1), Android Marshmallow(6.0-6.0.1), Android Nougat(7.0- 7.1.2), Android Oreo(8.0-8.1), Android Pie(9)
  • Open your phone dialer, then Type *#*#4636#*#* without any mistakes.
    SMS Center Change USSD Method
  • A window will open up. Select Phone information from the list
*#*#4636#*#* Dialer Options
  • Now you will see some complex options. Don’t worry just scroll down and you can see SMSC and a box beside that
SMSC Number Update USSD
  • Type Correct Message Center Number for your network in that Box. Then Tap Update.
  • Restart your mobile. Done! Now Send SMS Without any errors

Airtel Message Center Number List [All States]

Airtel Message center Number

The Following is the State Wise list of Airtel Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Airtel Customer Care for Resolution

Airtel Message Center Number Kerala+919898051914
Airtel Message Center Number Tamilnadu+919898051914
Airtel Message Center Number Karnataka+919845086007
Airtel Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh+919849087001
Airtel Message Center Number Telangana +919849087001
Airtel Message Center Number Maharashtra+919845086020
Airtel Message Center Number Mumbai+919898051916
Airtel Message Center Number Gujarat +919831029416
Airtel Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+919845086020
Airtel Message Center Number Chattisgarh+919845086020
Airtel Message Center Number West Bengal+919932029007
Airtel Message Center Number Assam +9198180230015
Airtel Message Center Number Orissa+9198180230015
Airtel Message Center Number Kolkata+919845086007
Airtel Message Center Number Bihar+919831029416
Airtel SMS Center Number Rajasthan+919898051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Jharkhand+919845086020
Airtel SMS Center Number Delhi +91-9810051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Punjab+919815051914
Airtel SMS Center Number Jammu and Kashmir +919845086007

BSNL Message Center Number List [All States]

BSNL Message center number

The Following is the State Wise list of BSNL Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact BSNL Customer Care for Resolution

BSNL Message Center Number Kerala+919447024365
BSNLMessage Center Number Tamilnadu+919443024365
BSNL Message Center Number Karnataka+919448024365
BSNL Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh+919440024365
BSNL Message Center Number Telangana+919440024365
BSNL Message Center Number Maharashtra+919422024365
BSNL Message Center Number GOA+919422024365
BSNL Message Center Number Gujarat+919426024365
BSNL Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+919425124365
BSNL Message Center Number Chattisgarh+919425201041
BSNL Message Center Number West Bengal+919434024365
BSNL Message Center Number Assam+919435024365
BSNL Message Center Number Orissa+919437024365
BSNL Message Center Number Kolkata+919433024365
BSNL Message Center Number Bihar+919431224365
BSNL Message Center Number Rajasthan+919414024365
BSNL Message Center Number Jharkhand+919431124365
BSNL Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh+919418024365
BSNL Message Center Number Punjab+919417024365
BSNL Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir+919419024365

BSNL SMS Center Number Updated List:

BSNL Message Center Number Chennai+919444024365
BSNL Message Center Number Haryana+919416024365
BSNL Message Center Number Sikkim+919434024365
BSNL Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+919412024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+919415024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Uttaranchal+919412024365
BSNL SMS Center Number Andaman And Nicobar+919434024365

Idea Message Center Number List [All States]

Idea Message center Number

The Following is the State Wise list of IDEA Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Idea Customer Care for Resolution

Idea Message Center Number Kerala+91-9847112345
Idea Message Center Number Tamilnadu+91-9092000198
Idea Message Center Number Karnataka+919804099026
Idea Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh+91-9848009198
Idea Message Center Number Telangana+91-9848009198
Idea Message Center Number Maharashtra+91-9822000198
Idea Message Center Number Goa+91-9822012345
Idea Message Center Number Gujarat+91-9824000198
Idea Message Center Number Mumbai+91-9702000198
Idea Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+91-9826000198
Idea Message Center Number Chattisgarh+91-731-4031414
Idea Message Center Number West Bengal+91-9093100198
Idea Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+91-8941000198
Idea Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+91-8576000198
Idea Message Center Number Rajasthan+91-9887010198
Idea Message Center Number Orissa+91-9090000198
Idea Message Center Number Kolkata+91-9088100198
Idea Message Center Number Haryana+91-8684000198
Idea Message Center Number Bihar+91-9708000198
Idea Postpaid Message Center Number Assam+91-9085000198
Idea SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh+91-9882900198
Idea SMSCenter Number Punjab+91-9781500198
Idea SMS Center Number Delhi+91-8744000198
Idea SMS Center Number Jammu and Kashmir+91-9086046198

Vodafone Message Center Number List [All States]

Vodafone Message Center Number

The Following is the State Wise list of VODAFONE Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default &  State Wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Vodafone Customer Care for  Resolution

Vodafone Message Center Number Kerala+919846000040
Vodafone Message Center Number Chennai+919843000040
Vodafone Message Center Number Karnataka +919886005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh +919885005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Telangana+919885005444
Vodafone Message Center Number Mumbai +919820205446
Vodafone Message Center Number Gujarat +919825001002
Vodafone Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh +919719009998
Vodafone Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+919839099999
Vodafone Message Center Number North East+919774099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Bihar+919706099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Jharkhand+919709099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+919713099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Kolkata +919830099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Assam +919706099990
Vodafone message Center number Orissa +919776099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Chhattisgarh+919713099990
Vodafone Message Center Number West Bengal+919732099990
Vodafone Message Center Number Haryana +919839099999
Vodafone Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh+919736009911
Vodafone Message Center Number Punjab+919888009998
Vodafone Message Center Number Delhi +919811009998

Vodafone SMS Center Number Updated List

Vodafone SMS Center Number Jammu & Kashmir +919796009905

Jio Message Center Number List [All States]

Jio Message center number

The Following is the State Wise list of JIO Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Jio Customer Care for Resolution

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Current Jio plans & Offers Prepaid | Postpaid [Latest]

Jio Message Center Number Kerala+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Chennai+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Karnataka+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh+919885005444
Jio Message Center Number Telangana+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Mumbai+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number North East+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Gujarat+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Chattisgarh+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number West Bengal+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Assam+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Orissa+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Kolkata+97012075009
Jio Message Center Number Bihar+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Rajasthan+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Jharkhand+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Delhi+917010075009
Jio Message Center Number Punjab+917012075009
Jio Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir+917010075009

Jio SMS Center Number Updated List

Jio SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+917010075009
Jio SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+917010075009
Jio SMS Center Number Haryana+917012075009
Jio SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh+917010075009

Reliance GSM Message Center Number List [All States]

Reliance GSM Message center number

The Following is the State Wise list of RELIANCE Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Reliance Customer Care for  Resolution

Reliance Message Center Number Kerala+919810051914
Reliance Message Center Number Chennai+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Karnataka+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Andhrapradesh+919810051914
Reliance Message Center Number Telangana+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number North East+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Mumbai+919810051914
Reliance Message Center Number Gujarat+919810051914
Reliance Message Center Number Madhyapradesh+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Chattisgarh+919810051914
Reliance Message Center Number West Bengal+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Assam+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Orissa+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Kolkata+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Bihar+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Rajasthan+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Jharkhand+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Delhi+919020000500
Reliance Message Center Number Punjab+919810051914
Reliance Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir+919810051914

Reliance SMS Center Number Updated List

Reliance SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+919810051914
Reliance SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+919020000500
Reliance SMS Center Number Haryana+919020000500
Reliance SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh+919020000500

Tata Docomo Message Center Number List [All States]

Tata Docomo Message center number

The Following is the State Wise list of TATA DOCOMO Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Tata Docomo Customer Care for Resolution

Tata Docomo Message Center Number Kerala+919037012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Tamilnadu+919043012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Karnataka+919036012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Andhrapradesh+919030012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Telangana+919030012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Maharashtra+919029000121
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Mumbai+919029000121
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Gujarat+919033012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Madhyapradesh+919039012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Chattisgarh+919039012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number West Bengal+919046012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+919045012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Orissa+919040012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Kolkata+919038012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Bihar+919031012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Rajasthan+919043012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Jharkhand+919031012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Haryana+919034012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Punjab+919041012345
Tata Docomo Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh+918091012345

Tata Docomo SMS Center Number Updated List

Tata Docomo SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+919044012345

Aircel Message Center Number List [All States]

Aircel message center number

The Following is the State Wise list of AIRCEL Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Aircel Customer Care for  Resolution

Aircel Message Center Number Kerala+919809099060
Aircel Message Center Number Tamilnadu+919842201155
Aircel Message Center Number Karnataka+919738099060
Aircel Message Center Number Andhrapradesh+919700099060
Aircel Message Center Number Telangana+919440024365
Aircel Message Center Number Maharashtra+919762099060
Aircel Message Center Number Mumbai+919768099060
Aircel Message Center Number North East+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Himachal Pradesh+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Chennai+919841044446
Aircel Message Center Number West Bengal+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Assam+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Orissa+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Kolkata+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Bihar+919854099060
Aircel Message Center Number Rajasthan+919809099060
Aircel Message Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+919808099060
Aircel SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+919807099060
Aircel SMS Center Number Delhi+919716099060
Aircel SMS Number Jammu and Kashmir+919851099060

Telenor Message Center Number List [All States]

Telenor Message Center Number

The Following is the State Wise list of TELENOR Message Center Number. For those who the Default SMS Center Number Didn’t work, Select Number According to your state from below list. If both default & State wise SMSC number is not working, It may be due to any other issue so please contact Telenor Customer Care for Resolution

Telenor Message Center Number Kerala+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Chennai+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Karnataka+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Andhra Pradesh+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Telangana+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number North East+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Mumbai+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Gujarat+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Madhya Pradesh+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Chattisgarh+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number West Bengal+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Assam+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Orissa+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Kolkata+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Bihar+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Rajasthan+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Jharkhand+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Delhi+919084051550
Telenor Message Center Number Punjab+919032055002
Telenor Message Center Number Jammu and Kashmir+919084051550

Telenor SMS Center Number Updated List

Telenor SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh West+919084051550
Telenor SMS Center Number Uttar Pradesh East+919032055002
Telenor SMS Center Number Haryana+919084051550
Telenor SMS Center Number Himachal Pradesh+919032055002


I hope you got the Working Message Center Number for your network. We have included SMS center numbers for almost every network.  If you are still facing any issues or maybe I missed something please let me know in the comment section below.

Share this article with your friends also.

Thanks for reading 🙂



  1. Mohammed Suhail

    November 18, 2019 at 1:31 pm

    Bro u r great I have try this problems many time I saw in YouTube but it didn’t work finally I lost my hope that I will solve this message problem at last once I saw Ur website and it has worked thanks bro

    • Manikandan R

      November 19, 2019 at 11:29 am

      Very glad to hear that you liked the post, Mohammed Suhail 🙂

  2. Vikas Gupta

    April 24, 2020 at 2:38 pm

    Hello sir my sim card idea from Gujarat
    I’m not able to message anyone
    My message is failed
    SmSc +919824078000 please tell me

    Hello sir I’m many time trying but solution any one

    • Manikandan R

      April 28, 2020 at 2:10 pm

      Did you contact customer care?
      Do you have the minimum balance? If you have, please contact customer care.
      The message center number is correct.

  3. Prathamesh

    September 29, 2020 at 6:38 pm

    Hi what is message centre no for MTNL dolphin?

    • Manikandan R

      October 4, 2020 at 7:13 am

      For MTNL dolphin you need to contact the customer care, they will provide you the solution. Dial 1660(Toll free) or 022-22192120(From All Operators)

  4. Dr S Himesh

    September 30, 2020 at 1:12 pm

    my nokia6 with Airtell service stopped receivning OTPs (bank, ecommerse, logins..), I can still send & receive many other messages. I tried your option using USSD code. When I press REFRESH option, it displays ” 919845087001″,145 . I removed ” and , and 145, then tapped UPDATE, I get UPDATE ERRORR . If I simply press UPDATE without editing what is displayed after REFRESH ( ” 919845087001″,145), nothing happens. Please suggest . Thanx, Dr Himesh

    • Manikandan R

      October 4, 2020 at 7:09 am

      Deactivate DND by sending STOP DND or if you want to receive only bank messages[no other promotional messages] send STOP 1 to 1909.

      Thanks, Visit Again

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Download Dolby Atmos APK+Installer ZIP file [2022]



Dolby atmos for android- APK+Zip FIle Installer

How to Download & Install Dolby Atmos APK on Android

This guide has everything you need to know about the Dolby Atmos for Android
We have shared Download Links of Latest Version Dolby Atmos Apk + Installer Zip file in this Tutorial.

Let’s dive right in.

What is Dolby Atmos?

dolby mobile sound enhancement apk
dolby atmos mobile

Listening to music is no longer for passing time purposes anymore. They are a huge industry now. People have based their profession in the field of music. Unlike the older days, when just the singing was considered the only form of music has changed big time. Now, there are a million kinds of music, and each person has a different taste in music. As the industry has grown many folds, various companies have launched their online application to reap the benefits.  One such application is Dolby Atmos. It will give you one of the best music experiences. Many people engage in high-quality music and with this app, they can easily get the best, most precise and perfect experience.

Dolby Atmos was considered to be a very future technology at one point in time. But now it is available on almost all the devices. You see it everywhere from cinemas to the smartphones. But very few people know what Dolby Atmos is.

Dolby Atmos was launched in 2012 which was particularly for TVs to enhance the home cinema experience. But since then it has been embraced by all the companies, and it has spread to all the industries which deal with the products with the screen. Dolby Atmos includes various speakers that give you the experience of the high-dimensional sound system creating a 3D sound experience. 

In the cinemas, 64 speakers are placed all over the auditorium. This adds a high dimension to the sound and helps in creating the atmosphere of the total impact of the movie. So, now you know that the Dolby Atmos is related to the sound quality of your smartphone, TV and the cinema halls. This reduces the dependence on the manual settings, where the Atmos system will interpret the data and play it accordingly, once it is set in it.

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The result of Dolby Atmos is that you feel the sound comes from all over the room. For example, if you hear the raindrops through this sound system, you are actually under the, or if the helicopter is flying in the movie, it feels like it is flying right above you. You get a real life experience with these speakers.


dolby atmos apk download
Dolby Atmos for Android

As already said above, the Dolby Atmos is now available for the smart televisions and smartphones. And the smart TVs and the smartphones all work on the same operating system, that is, Android Operating System. Some android intelligent devices have a Dolby Atmos app in-built in their devices.

So these smart TVs and smartphones do not have a new installation to do. For other users, I will give the whole tutorial. The Dolby Atmos APK is not available on the Google Play Store. But it is not a Herculean task to download the app and will not take more than five minutes to get installed in your smart device.

What is content://

But some people ask why it is so essential to download this app on the device? Well, it is not. But if you installed the Dolby Atmos Apk on your smart TV, your movie watching experience will increase many folds.  You will get the same movie chills that you get in a movie theatre.

Also, with many new streaming applications like Netflix and Amazon Prime gaining the buzz recently, Dolby Atmos will enhance your experience of viewing.

Also, the standard smartphones have the usual music player where you cannot alter the treble, bass, and other settings else. Therefore, for music lovers, this app will prove very beneficial, as they will be able to alter the settings along with having an enhanced songs experience.

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The Dolby Atmos app will work efficiently on the android versions of Jelly Bean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and Oreo. Thanks to the Developers Worstenbrood, guitardedhero and Zackptg5

There are some Android smartphones like that of Lenovo and the Amazon exclusive phones have this app pre-installed in them. But the other smartphones will have to install the app,
And many of you are searching for apk files and installation process of Dolby Atmos, Don’t Worry! you are in the right place.

Even though it is a 5-minute process, but some people get stuck with the process. The installation of the app is quite easy but making it your default music player can be quite tricky. But no need to worry, this article will teach you to do so in just a few minutes.


The app size is very minute that is 7.4 MB. If you are still sceptical, the total number of downloads are 3 million plus

Application NameDolby Atmos
Updated Date24 March 2022
APK Size7.4 mb
Android Version Required Android v4.0 and above
Total No. of Downloads3200000+

Not just one, there are various advantages of using the Dolby Atmos app on your smartphone. It is by far the best app for the people who love music.

  • You can alter the equaliser of the music according to your needs
  • You will get to enjoy the best quality music on your smartphone, that too free of cost
  •  The user interface is straightforward to understand and use. 
  • There will no initial or subsequent charges of this app.
  • Surround Sound Settings, Extra BASS Setup..etc



Dolby Atmos zip file+apk download
Dolby Atmos Zip file + apk Download

Now many websites will give you the link to download the apk to your mobile phone, but most of them don’t get updated with the latest version. But then you miss out on many new features. But not on this website, here you get the best features updated from time to time.

Click on the link to download the Dolby Atmos APK + Dolby Installer Zip file for your android device.

What is content://


Dolby Atmos Zip File

Dolby Atmos APK

Dolby Atmos Uninstaller Zip

Dolby Atmos for Android Oreo and above [Standard Version]

Dolby Atmos for Android Oreo + and above [Unity Version]


The good news with this app you don’t need to root your phone. You can download the Dolby Atmos app, without rooting the phone. But make sure you have installed some custom recovery app as you have to flash the Dolby Installer Zip file. Without flashing it, you won’t be able to enjoy the fantastic audio experience.


You need to have the following basic requirements installed on your phone to install the Dolby Atmos on Android smartphones.

  • Dolby installer zip file
  • Dolby Atmos apk
  • Custom recovery mode
  • And a little bit of patience.

This is very important installations to get the Dolby Atmos Apk to work on your smartphones. Before you start downloading the actual application, make sure that these are all ready and installed on your phone.



1) First, download the Dolby Atmos Installer Zip file on the android device

NOTE: Android OREO and above users download the STANDARD or UNITY Version of Dolby Atmos

2) Make sure you transfer the zip file to the Phone memory if it is saved in the SD Card.

3) Switch the phone off for a minute or so.

4) Now, reboot the phone by pressing the Power + Volume Up + Home Button. This will work for all the android devices.

5) Click on the install

dolby atmos apk without root
Install Dolby Atmos Without Root

6) Search and select the zip file to install it on your device

Dolby Atmos zip file
Select Dolby Atmos Zip file (

7) The recovery flash will complete its work, so wait for it to over. Don’t disturb it.

dolby atmos apk for android without root
Dolby ATmos Custom Recovery Flash
dolby atmos download
Dolby Atmos App installation completed

8) Reboot the phone again. Done!

Dolby Atmos Mobile apk
Dolby Atmos Mobile

Even though it is not an easy task but it is not difficult either. If you stick through the steps, you will find the process difficult.


The very first task of downloading the app is to download the Custom Recovery on your device. This is the simple task which will root the android phone (You can install Custom Recovery Without Root Also). After that follow the steps carefully:

  1. Download both the Dolby Atmos APK and the Dolby Installer zip from the links given on the page.
  2. Save the downloaded files on your phone memory or external memory card.
  3. Switch off the phone and reboot it in recovery mode.
  4. Tap the install button in the recovery mode.
  5. Download the installer zip file and install it.
  6. Manually reboot the phone

After this, you have successfully downloaded the app, and it is ready to use. Enjoy!


[BONUS] Install Dolby Digital on Android Without Custom Recovery

Yes! It is possible. You can Install Dolby Digital on your Android without Custom Recovery. Watch this video without skipping to better understand the Steps

Download Files Mentioned in this Video For Dolby Digital Installation from HERE


How to Uninstall Dolby Atmos
How to uninstall Dolby Atmos

Sometimes people may get tired of it or face some bootloop issues and want to uninstall it from their device. Now as tricky a task it is to download the app, it is to uninstall it. So, therefore, I have written a full-fledged sequence that you can follow to remove it from your device.  The steps are as follows:

  1. Download the file on the device
  2. Open the recovery mode just like when you were downloading the app.
  3. Look for the file in the downloaded section and then click on install.
  4. Swipe to flash the zip file
  5. Reboot the device

Thus, this will uninstall the app from your device. It will take hardly ten minutes to do but with the guide I gave you; it will be a cake walk for you.


So the article gives you all round information about the installation and uninstallation of the Dolby Atmos Audio App. It is a pretty fantastic app that will enhance your audio experience. Even though the task of downloading the app is pretty tricky but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the app. And the cherry on the top of the cake is that it is free of cost.

If you found this Dolby Atmos Mobile Tutorial helpful then do share it with your friends and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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Install Viper4android APK Tweak Your Audio to New Level




How to Download & install Viper4Android APK on Any Android

Hey! Are you very passionate about music?
Do you want to have a great experience of music listening on your Android handset?
Are you looking for something to enhance your mobile audio?

Don’t think much. Just download the app Viper4Android on your mobile phone and let the app tweak your mobile audio. We are here to discuss how to download the app on any version of Android phones without any issues, be it Nougat or Oreo or Pie whatever.

Viper4Android has been famous from a few years ago for its exciting performance level of DAC, and it has become popular in the modern technological world as well. To get fantastic music
enhancement after downloading the Viper4Android Magisk FX Module, you have to install it with Magisk Manager App.

Before discussing the process of downloading, you have a clear and sufficient knowledge about the technological features and performance of the app.

ViPER520 founded the audio enhancing software Viper4Android and first appeared on XDA-Developers Android Forums by Zhuhang in 2013, and it became viral. Not only the speakers, but Viper4Android allows you to enhance your audio through headsets, Bluetooth, or USB connection and let you set up the filters on your desires for the above individual using processes.

Viper4Android Download Links [APK+Zip File]

Viper4Android Apk Install

Viper4Android Apk [Latest Version]

Download Viper4AndroidFX Zip [Magisk]

Viper4Android comes with a lot of exciting features that you will get to know after installing, yet some essential features are provided below

Important features of Viper4Android

Viper4android Profiles
  • AnalogX: This feature is recently added to the technology of V4A. Having A class amplifier it can lead you to have much richer and warmer sound from your device.
  • Spectrum Extension: Enjoy lossless and high-frequency music using this app.
  • x86 Platform Support: This app also supports (Atom/Core i3/i5/i7) x86 devices.
  • FET Compressor: New compressor/limiter is reproducing the functions of FET circuits.
  • Quad-Channel Convolver: IRS support holds forth to 4-channels. (In this case, Particular IRS files are required )
  • Channel Pan: There are Controls left/right channel output.
  • Differential Surround / Haas Effect
  • ViPER Fidelity Control
  • Headphone Surround+ (VHS+): With this VHS+, V4A will lead you to have an excellent surround effect on your device.
  • Auditory System Protection (Cure Tech+)
  • Convolver
  • FX Compatible Mode (Only in 4.x)
  • Viper Bass: The fidelity control feature will allow you to adjust the Viper bass and Viper clarity on your own so that you can enjoy the more exceptional bass experience than even with different bass modes of V4A.

Looking for Dolby Atmos Install Guide?

As every app has to get developed and updated to fit in the latest versions of Android, V4A has been developing and adding support for the latest Android versions also. However, since 2018, V4A development has been on halt, with the official v2.5.0.5 version support Android 7+ (Nougat).

XDA members pittvandewitt, zackptg5 and MrWhite214 took great efforts to add new features from v2.5.0.5 with the source version of V4A audio mod v2.7.1.0

The updated version v2.7.1.0 comes with the super new Material UI what looks clean and exciting and blends with the latest Android versions, as well. This version also sums up support for Magisk 19.0 Some modified technologies in v2.7.1.0 version are :

  • Support Magisk 19
  • Add compatibility setting
  • Add the ability to connect with sessions
  • Fix preset loading bug
  • Switch from setools to Magisk policy

There’s no doubt that a lot of effort was needed to put in it and every member of XDA. The community held a vital role in updating the app and make the app easy and smooth for the users.

  • Support Magisk 19
  • Add compatibility setting
  • Add the ability to connect with sessions
  • Fix preset loading bug
  • Switch from setools to Magisk policy

Exclusive Guide on How to Take Screenshots in Recovery Mode

There’s no doubt that a lot of effort was needed to put in it and every member of XDA. The community held a vital role in updating the app and make the app easy and smooth for the users.

Installation process: For installing V4A, your Android device just required to be rooted either with Magisk or SuperSU. Once it is rooted, follow the steps given below:

If you Don’t have Magisk check our Magisk Manager Installation Guide

Install Viper4Android APK on Rooted Android

  1. Download ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 APK
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your Internal Storage
  3. Launch a file manager app from the app drawer
  4. Navigate it to the Storage and tap on the V4A APK file
  5. Now click the ‘Install’ button for installing the App
  6. Once the app gets installed, tap on ‘Done.’
  7. Now again go to the app drawer and launch the ‘ViPER4Android FX‘ app
  8. just after the app is launched, you’ll be lead to grant superuser permissions
  9. Now click the ‘Grant’ button
  10. Just after granting the root permissions, you will have to install the drivers
  11. Once granting Superuser Permissions are done, install ViPER4Android v2.7.1.0 Drivers
  12. After the installation of the drivers, your device will reboot automatically. After completion of the whole process and reboot, launch Viper4Android FX and tap on the driver icon on the top-right side of the screen to get assured about the current driver status. If it shows ‘Normal,’ then it is successfully installed.
Viper4android Driver status

Install Dolby Atmos Apk on Your Android [Complete Tutorial]

The installation process works the same for all of the Android versions above Gingerbread.

Install Viper4Android without Root

If your Android device is not rooted, don’t have to worry. You still can enjoy tweaked audio effect by installing the App with Magisk Manager App.

How To Download and Install V4A FX zip using Magisk Manager :

  1. Download
  2. Open Magisk Manager Application and click on the menu at the top left corner.
    Install viper4android magisk
  3. Now, choose the Modules option, and go through the Module Section to find the Plus Yellow Button.
    Viper4android module
  4. Click the Plus Yellow button and Choose the Viper4Android FX Magisk Module from the Storage.
    Viper4androidfx magisk module
  5. Within a few seconds, Magisk will complete the flashing. Now you have to reboot your device to Activate the module.
    Viper4androidfx magisk module

Now how to download and Install V4A FX App via Magisk Manager :

Open the Magisk Manager app from the app drawer. Head over to Menu of the Magisk Manager app.

  1. Now, Open Magisk Manager>Download Section
  2. Then type Viper4Android in the search bar. Choose Viper4Android FX from the search results.
  3. Click on the Download Symbol, and it leads to direct installing.
  4. Flashing will start on its own when it is completely Downloaded. But You need to do some setups while the Viper4Android FX Flashing.
  5. Click on Volume Up key two times, then Volume Down Key to get
    assured about the proper function of the Volume Keys.
  6. Now, Select Your preferable version either Material or Original by pressing Volume Buttons. Volume UP = Material and Volume Down = Original .
  7. Finally, select the driver to be installed. That’s all for the Installation and Reboot. Then, Open the app and make your Profile.
    Viper4android Driver status
    Now, you can experience enhanced and delicate audio effect by tuning the app on your own references on any version of your device.

    Moreover, you will get a notification whenever there is a new update version available for the Viper4Android App.

So the article gives you all-round information about the installation of the Viper4Android Audio App. It is a pretty fantastic app that will enhance your audio experience.

If you found this Viper4Android Apk Installation Tutorial helpful then do share it with your friends and Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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Android Browser Tips

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What is content://





In this age of speed, people like to do everything fast and without disruption. Let’s imagine that you buy a phone from Samsung or Xiaomi with good specifications and excellent build. But when you open the browser app on the phone, it takes you to a default homepage with the company brand all over it. You get confused and have to choose to go to Google search, and to do this, you either type the address or select a tile present on the default homepage.

This would make anyone a little uncomfortable as you have to do those extra steps again and again. For this reason, people usually hate the default home screen and the browser.

For this, we have content://        

What is content://

Most people do not know how to change the default homepage to another search engine’s homepage like google or yahoo, depending on their preferences. You can even enter a certain website if you would like to visit it whenever you open the browser. To do this we have a setting called content:// By changing this setting, you can have any website as the homepage for your browser.

But, We have other Super Easy methods to change our Browser’s Homepage, Check it out now!

Steps to change the default homepage

Step 1: Open the browser –

Open the default browser on your phone. Each phone comes with its default browser. It may be labelled as ‘Internet‘ or ‘Browser.’ 

Step 2: Open the menu –

In the browser, you have a menu option in the top right or bottom right of the screen, depending on your phone. Open the menu.

Step 3: Tap settings –

After opening the menu, go to the ‘settings’ options. Here, you can see that you can change many things like appearance, passwords, etc.

Step 4: Tap General

In some phones, there is a separate ‘general‘ option. Those who don’t have this can go to the next step.

Step 5: Select Set home page

It shows a box to enter the site, which appears when you open the browser. Enter the correct ‘address link you want to act as a home screen. If you don’t enter the correct link, it won’t open.

Step 6: Tap ok to save it

After this, the home page is set, but it only works after you restart the browser.

If for some reason, it is hiding the homepage option, we have another method. Follow these steps – 

  1. Open your browser.
  2. Go to the site that you want to set as a homepage for your browser.
  3. Save it in bookmarks.
  4. Open bookmarks folder.
  5. Touch and hold the bookmark that you added just now and tap ‘Set As Homepage.’

Install Dolby Atmos on Any Android [Exclusive Tutorial]

How to Change MIUI Browser Home Page (or about:blank)?

If you are using a Xiaomi device, steps are little different. Just follow the below steps to Change Homepage of your default MiUi Browser.

  1. First Open Miui Browser and tap on the “3 Bar Options button”
  2. Go to Advanced
  3. Select the “Set Start page”
  4. Tap on Custom Option and type in your desired address you want to set as the Homepage
  5. Restart your browser, now you can see the default start page with Shortcuts grid has gone and the URL entered in the above step have loaded on the browser launch.


Unlock Xiaomi Bootloader With Xiaomi Flashtool

How to change the default web browser on our phone?

If we take a Samsung mobile or a Xiaomi mobile, they come with their default browser. You have to be aware that it is not compulsory to use the default browser, which the manufacturer gives us. The Play Store has many apps that you can download for free. Unlike the default apps that are bloated and slow, you can choose from several options for a browser. These provide many features like syncing, crypto wallets, passwords, virus scans, etc. Compared to the default apps, they are much faster and simple. Some of the examples are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, UC Browser.           

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Mobile browser

This browser offers Fast, Private, and safe internet. It has a smart search bar, and it also has many themes to try. You can also use tools and add-ons for your productivity. You can cast from your device to your TV. It has an easy interface to switch between tabs. You can even create your own Firefox account to keep track of tabs. You can block any unwanted ads, and you can also search in Private Browsing mode.            

Firefox: privater Browser
Firefox: privater Browser
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Mobile browser

As many of you know, Google Chrome is the most widely used and well-known browser. It syncs with many devices like tabs, mobiles, TV’s where it is supported. The browser is fast, and it saves the data usage on your device. It also has a ‘Tap to Search’ feature that allows you to search for information. To do this, you have to tap and hold the word, and it shows an option ‘search on google.’ There are also other features that you can use like Smart, personalized recommendations, Privacy with Incognito mode, Translate, Voice search, and so on.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Opera Browser

Opera Mini Mobile browser

Opera Browser also provides fast and secure browsing to your device. It also has features like Blocking ads, private search, but it also has some unique features like adaptive text size, download manager, Home screen shortcuts (available on Android 7.1 or later). It also comes with an in-built VPN, which you can use to switch between servers. It also has another browser called Opera Browser mini, which provides almost the same features except some, but here it is tiny in size, and it saves you a lot of data.

Opera-Browser mit KI
Opera-Browser mit KI
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

UC Browser

UC Browser Mobile

UC Browser is a multifunctional free browser for your Android device. It has all the regular features of Fast Download, Data Saving, Ad-Block capability. It provides some unique features like stickers to share with your friends, Small Window mode, Cricket Card Feature, Gaming center, Facebook Mode, and so on. UC Browser also provides a mini version of itself known as UC Mini, which is useful in areas with a poor network.

UC Browser - Schneller Surfen
UC Browser - Schneller Surfen
Developer: Unknown
Price: To be announced

Steps to change default browsing app

  • Open Settings.
  • Select Apps and Notification.
  • There, you can see a “defaults” option. Click on it.
Change default browser on Android
  • Select the Browser option.
Change default browser
  • Then, from the given options, select your choice of browser.
choose default browser

Custom Roms – 

Custom Roms are a way of customizing your phone. Here you can download a ROM like Cyanogen Mod that has many features and shortcuts. You can also search for Roms that have stock feel so that you can avoid all the bloatware that comes with your phone. The only problem is that you can no longer use customer support as rooting your phone voids your warranty.

Want to Customise your Android Without Installing Custom Rom? Get Best Substratum Themes

Install Magisk Manager [Easily Install Customize your Android]

Conclusion –

The bottom line is whatever phone you end up buying with; do not think that you are limited to use the default homepage of the browser or the default browser that they provided. You have a range of apps that are free to use, so take your time and choose your browser that meets your needs.

You can go all out with personalization and root your phone to add a custom ROM, but that may void your warranty. So root your phone only if you understand the consequences. 

Install Viper4android APK Tweak Your Audio to New Level

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