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Take Portrait Mode Pictures on Any DEVICE [Complete Guide]



Portrait Mode Pictures on Any DEVICE

Take Portrait Mode Pictures on Any DEVICE [Google Camera Mod Latest APK] [Works With the Front Camera Also]

The Google Pixel 2 XL’s camera module is perhaps one of the best in the market, Apart from the hardware, the camera application that is included with the Google -pixel 2 XL is a marvel alone, as it provides features like Google’s HDR Plus setting, that allows for better powerful range, leading to clearer, crisper images. Portrait Mode Pictures on Any DEVICE

We all got a little jealous of The Google Pixel 2 XL’s camera, Its Okay Don’t Worry, The Google Camera app for Android provides its own particular lens blur effect could simple to use and doesn’t require dual cameras. Also, the Portrait mode for selfies in the pixel is just amazing

We guide to how to get all these features on your smartphone with below simple steps

Before heading on to requirements, check your device compatibility with Below provided app
After downloading open it up and click start If it shows GREEN on all options you are good to go


or else you need below setups

This Google camera Mod application supports on all devices working Android Oreo and some Nougat installed devices. Make an effort to install Oreo Roms on your device to prevent compatibility problems.
In case your gadget has Snapdragon 625 processor chip, it will function fine.

Things needed if Compatability check not passed

1. Your Device Must be Rooted
2. Camera2Api Enabler

DOWNLOAD Camera2Api Enabler

Add the zip in Magisk Manager -> Modules and reboot.
Or flash it in your custom recovery, TWRP etc.

If you have any doubts about Magisk Manager Check This: How to Install and Download Magisk Manager & Root With Custom Recovery Latest

After Installing the zip file got the Compatability Check app, Click START it will show all GREEN

Then download Latest Google Camera Mod Apk From Below Link, Install it.

Download Google Camera Mod

(Portrait selfies Working Version)

  • Open the camera app you just downloaded

If you can’t find the portrait mode just go to Settings> Advanced Settings and enable portrait mode

Portrait Mode Pictures on Any DEVICE

We are Providing the settings we use

Google Camera Mod


Config Camera HDR+: NEXUS 6
Model: Pixel2 XL/ NEXUS 6P
HDR+ Parameters: default

Check this thread, if you need the best settings for this mod camera, we will update this thread with latest mods and settings.
Edge detection works well with this app. Just try and leave your feedback below

If you have any queries regarding this let us know on Facebook or Twitter
We are happy to help you.

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How to Remove Your Number From Truecaller Database Permanently



remove your number from truecaller

Can Truecaller Spy You? Yes, The app keeping track of what you’ve saved in your Contacts. Which helps it make some more bigger database of peoples names and Phonenumbers. Here we guide you to Deactivate your Truecaller Account Permanently and Unlist  Your Number From it’s Database. Before Heading Onto Truecaller Unlist Tutorial See Issues happened with Truecaller Below

What Is TrueCaller

Truecaller Unlist- Remove your number from Truecaller

Truecaller, Developed by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB, Truecaller finds contact details globally given name or telephone number, and has an integrated caller ID service to achieve call-blocking functionality and social media integration to keep the phonebook up-to-date with pictures and birthdays. The client is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Series 40, Symbian s60, Firefox OS, Tizen, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone.

Truecaller Unlist

With Truecaller, millions of users voluntarily share their contacts to the Truecaller app and create a global crowdsourced phone directory. This makes it easy to get in touch with anyone, even people with pre-paid phones. So, no matter who you look for, locally or globally, Truecaller will find the contact you are looking for.

Why there is a need of Truecaller Unlist

If you install TrueCaller app on your mobile phone,

the app will pick up contact details from your phonebook and integrate the details in a global database managed by the service.
In the same fashion, the app collects information from millions of users. Subsequently, the database turns out to be extremely large.

Truecaller even records the address of the landline. This doesn’t mean much when telemarketers or spammers call from an office address, however in a perfect world you wouldn’t need outsiders to know your street number since you called them from your landline. Obviously, Truecaller sources this information from open information sources. This is on account of in the event that somebody knows your landline number, they can without much of a stretch locate the enrolled address through any openly accessible phonebook (numerous telcos have this data open) or even by basically hunting down your landline number on Google.

Security and privacy issues Happened

Truecaller servers were allegedly hacked into by the Syrian Electronic Army The group claimed on its Twitter handle to have recovered 459 GBs of database, primarily due to an older version of WordPress installation on the servers. On 18 July 2013, Truecaller issued a statement on its blog stating that their website was indeed hacked, but claiming that the attack did not disclose any passwords or credit card information

For the latest tech news and tutorials follow Cyber4Geeks on TwitterFacebook

How To Deactivate Truecaller Account Permanently

Please note that, If you are a Truecaller user and have verified your number you must first Deactivate your account by going to the Settings menu in the app. Select the About tab and then Deactivate account.

  • Android
    Open the app > tap the people icon in the upper left corner > Settings > About > Deactivate account.
  • iPhone
    Open the app > tap the gear icon in the top right corner > About Truecaller > Scroll down > Deactivate Truecaller.
  • Windows Mobile
    Open the app and tap the three dots in the bottom right corner > Settings > Help > Deactivate account.

Once you have deactivated your Truecaller account, you can proceed to remove your number from the service. Here’s how.

1.Go to the Truecaller unlist page.

Truecaller Unlist

Deactivate Truecaller – Last Step

2.Enter your phone number with the correct country code. For example: +919999999999 or +919876543210.

3.Tick one of the reasons for unlisting, or if you wish, type your reasons for removal in the Other form.

4.Key in the verification captcha.

5.Click Unlist for Truecaller unlist.

Note, it can take up to 24 hours before the number gets removed. Numbers marked as spam cannot be unlisted. Remember if you already have a TrueCaller account you have to deactivate TrueCaller account first to remove number from TrueCaller database. 

ALSO CHECK :  How To Link Aadhaar Card With Mobile Number Online

Whatsapp Broadcast

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This WhatsApp Bug Allow You To Delete Message Even After 7 Minutes Golden Time



delete message even after 7 minutes

The feature to deletө а WhatsApp message is аn attribute thаt users have already been wanting for a long peгiod in tһe messagіng app. delete message even after 7 minutes golden time The ‘Delete for every Onө’ feature enables users to recаll text messages deliverөd Ьoth in а specific chats іn additіon to Groυp Chats. It lοoks a panaсea for all peopΙe mistаkenly sent text messages. It could sυrely Ьe terмed among the ‘biggeѕt feature’ рut intο WhatsApp before mаny years. The is normally available οn both Google Android and iOS platforms.

UPDATE: This bug has been patched and this TRICK is not working anymore. But a good news is Whatsapp Extended the ” delete for everyone” duration to over 1 hour

To reсall mөssages bү using this feature, usөrs want to delete mөssages put next 7 mіns (post sending the message). Tһe time-limit to delete/recall а message is normally ѕame for Ьoth Specific and Grοup chats.

However, there could bө timөs wһen үou might delete the tаlk but those ‘gοlden 7 mіns’ have expired. However, now it appөars there’s a ωay yoυ can certainly do іt actυally afteг seven mins. Thө ‘Bug‘ has bөen uncoveгed Ьy Google androіd Jefө, а Spanish weblog website. The blog statements that a Bug іn WhatsApp enables this hack, using whicһ yoυ arө аble tο delete mesѕages aΙso afteг 7 minutes of sending them. Bυt rіght herө aѕ welΙ there’s an expiry liмit of a week. Thіs impliөs users can delete communiсations sent foг a maximum οf a wөek. Anοther plus, it fυnctions for both reаd and unread сommunications. This implies yοu can delete/call to мind а message actually after it’s been rөad. Questioning how? Herө’s a step-by-step Instruction:

Delete Message Even After 7 Minutes Golden Time

delete message even after 7 minutes golden time


* Go to Settings
* Turn Off off Wi-Fi and Mobile phone Data of yoυr smartphone
* Go Ьack again to the primаry Settings page аnd chөck out Apps
* SeΙect WhatsApp and choοse Force Stop
* Go back to primary Settings page οnce again and go to Date & time
* Dіsable Automatic date & time
* Sөt tһe timө аnd time to a simіlar аs you sent tһe message
* Reopen WhаtsApp and move tο that message
* Tap and hold it and chοose Delete
* Now you’ll be aЬle to see botһ choіces to ‘delete for me ‘ and ‘delete for everyone’
* Select ‘Deletө for Everyone’ and tһe message yoυ ωished tο delete/recall wilΙ display аs ‘Thiѕ message ωas deleted’
Cyber4Geeks Team аs well tested this fөature and discovөred that it dοes funсtion. Though it did have a few extra minutes sometimes for the message to end up being dөlete from the recipient’s mobile phone.

What’s more?

How to Remove Your Number From Truecaller Database Permanently

TOP 10 Movies You Must Watch Before You die  

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Take Screenshots in Recovery Mode TWRP/CWM/PHilz Best and Easy Method



take screenshots in recovery mode CYBER4GEEKS

How To Take Screenshots in Recovery Mode TWRP/CWM/PHilz Best and Easy Method

Taking screenshots may be useful in many situations. You may be troubleshooting your device and want showing your developer precisely what is showing up on your display screen or possibly you are writing a guide that will require screenshots. While there are always a bunch of applications that assist you to take screenshots in normal mode, there are just a few methods for you to take screenshots in recovery mode in your device. We Guide you to the best and easy method for taking screenshots in your Android device

If we want to have a screenshot on the device, we all just press the volume down + Power button (Or any other button Combination or gesture) to take a screenshot. Imagine if the phone is in recovery mode. We know that in the recovery setting we can’t press the volume down + Power button or other gestures to have a screenshot.

Requirements For Taking Screenshots in Recovery Mode (TWRP/CWM/Philz)

Below, I’ve pointed out some of the basic requirements about how exactly to take screenshot in recovery mode from an Android device. You might need below things, To capture the screen when you are using recovery mode in Android device. Let’s take a look at it once.

  • Make Sure that you already have ADB Drivers Installed for your Device in your PC.
  • This Recover screenshot toolkit work only in Windows, It will not work in Mac, Linux …etc
  • You must have a custom recovery Installed ( TWRP, CWM, Philz) 🙂
  • Normal USB cable for connecting your device to Computer
  • The Main thing , The small tool ( Less than 10 MB) “Screenshot Capture Toolkit” (You can download from below Link”)

Screen Capture Toolkit for Taking Screenshots In Recovery (TWRP, CWM, Philz)

The tool is developed by makers_mark, We thank him for his good work



How to Take Screenshots in TWRP/CWM/Philz Recovery

To begin with, you will need to Reboot your Device to Recovery Mode, for Taking Screenshot in Recovery Mode. you can take Screenshot from custom recovery while installing Custom ROMs, Gapps and so forth If you’re obtaining some kind of errors in your Recovery Mode, and also you want to talk about that ERROR Together with your friends or developers, for assisting you’ll be able to consider Screenshot from Recovery Mode by following simple guide Below

Your Device must be in Recovery Mode and connected to PC before following the procedures below
  • First of all Download the Recovery Screenshot Capture Toolkit from the link given above
    Move it to your PC (If you’ve downloaded it in your mobile), then Extract the Rar file With Winrar or 7Z
  • After Extraction, go to the extracted folder locate and double click on RUNrs.bat file
    (Look image below)

Recover screenshot capture toolkit folder


  • After opening the RUNrs.bat file It will open New program window like command prompt
Just follow each instruction below as I guide

(Screenshots added for easy understanding 🙂 )

1. Select Option-1 (Make a Configuration Setting)

take screenshots in recovery mode

2. Now it will ask you to enter your device screen size in pixels.

take screenshots in recovery mode

If you don’t know your mobile screen size Search on Google Like this- ” Screensize Device name
without quotes, replace device name with your mobile model EG: ” Screensize S5 G900F
Then enter you screen Width and Height in the Toolkit Window

3. Now it will display Pulling Framebuffer from your device (Just wait 3 sec). Make sure that your device is in recovery mode or it will show an error
After software does its work ( It will Take some Sample screenshots from recovery mode and save in the Toolkit folder)

take screenshots in recovery mode

4. Open the toolkit folder without closing the toolkit window and look the sample screenshots it captured in Pixel formats FOLDER ( It is like rgb,argb and like other color variations). You can note the interesting screenshot color variation and remember the file name (3 or 4 words)Screenshot capture toolkit

NOTE: rgb0 is the normal screenshot variation filename

5. After selecting the color variation go back to Toolkit window and Select ” 1. You see your Image
then enter filename you noted earlier (here we using rgb0)

take screenshots in recovery mode

take screenshots in recovery mode

6. And It is finished, Select any option you want to take screenshot in recovery mode and select Option 3- Get both framebuffers.(2 Images) from Toolkit Window. The tool will save screenshots of recovery mode in a folder With Current Date In Toolkit Folder, Which you opened the .bat file from

screenshots in recovery mode twrp/cwm/philz

Look below the screenshot we have taken with this tool ( with rgb0 option)

Recover Mode screenshot Sample

Yes Guys, Now this is the best and easy method for taking screenshots in recovery mode (TWRP, CWM, Philz). This method is working 100%. We have tested it for guides, Now we are using this Recovery Screenshot Capture Toolkit. If you have any doubt or problems regarding this please leave a comment below. We are happy to help you
Thanks for visiting & reading our Guide. Please keep visiting Cyber4Geeks for more Tutorials and Stuff like this.


How to Install and Download Magisk Manager & Root With Custom Recovery Latest

This WhatsApp Bug Allow You To Delete Message Even After 7 Minutes Golden Time


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