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[GUIDE] How To Root LG V20 & Install TWRP [H918]



Root LG V20 + Install TWRP + Unlock Bootloader

Root LG V20 – H918 & Install TWRP Recovery [Easy Method]

Guide to Root LG V20+Install TWRP Recovery. It has been a while since the Android Oreo update on the LG V20 was released. So I’m assuming that most of you have installed the Latest Update. So here is the detailed guide to Root and Install TWRP Custom Recovery on your LG V20 H918.

LG has launched a lot of Flagship devices with unique features. and LG V series is very popular among them [Especially with Audio Features]. So you can enhance your Audio Experience with Some Modules after Rooting and Installing TWRP on LG V20 [There are many other advantages also- Check below]. Yeah, I Rooted my LG V20 in the first place for Installing Viper4Android:).

Why Should You Root LG V20 H918?

When the idea of rooting the Mobile came up, many people must have this question in their mind! and This is the Answer. If you want to customise your Mobile and want some Extra features on your device Rooting is the first step. You can completely change your device UI by installing Custom Roms, for that you need Custom Recovery & Root Access. Here are some other Advantages.

lg v20 root - Advantages

Advantages of Rooting your Device

  • Remove Preinstalled Bloatwares
  • Can Block Ads in Any App
  • Install your Favourite Custom Roms
  • Make Real Complete Backups & Safeguard your Data
  • Tweak CPU Features [Overclocking& Underclocking]

What is content://

So if you want to try this features Continue to our Tutorial

Let;s get started

How to Root LG V20 | Install TWRP Recovery

First, let me Know you that the OLD rooting Methods are not working properly for LG V20 Oreo 8.0 Version [This method works for both Nougat and Oreo Version]. Follow Our Instructions carefully to complete the Installation without any issues. before that make sure that you have below Prerequisites. and Don’t forget to Back Up your Data before proceeding


  • Enable USB Debugging on the LG V20 under Developer options (To do that go to Settings» About Phone» Developer options).
  • Turn on OEM Unlock under Developer Options (Settings -> Developer options -> OEM unlock).
  • Unlock Bootloader of LG V20 [ Don’t Worry Guide is added in this post].
  • Make sure that you have the latest LG USB Drivers Installed [ For Windows, For Mac].
  • Make sure your battery level is above 60%.
  • Download ADB & Fastboot and Move it to ADB Folder.
  • Download official TWRP recovery for the LG V20 H918 and rename it as “twrp.img” (Copy this to ADB folder).
  • Download recowvery binaries (For Unlocking the system security Download all the files).
  • Finally, download (Copy this to your Phone’s Internal Storage).

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Steps to Unlock Bootloader of LG V20

You Already Downloaded ADB& fast boot on your Computer. Now we are going to unlock the Bootloader. Just follow the instructions.

  1. Connect your LG Mobile to the PC with USB Cable then swipe down the notification and click on USB charging this device notification and change it to Transfer photos (PTP) mode.
  2. Then Open Command Prompt on your PC.
  3. Use this command to reboot LG V20 into Bootloader mode. “adb reboot bootloader
  4. Once your device boot into fast boot mode use this command to unlock the bootloader. “fastboot oem unlock
  5. Then reboot the Phone by entering the below command . “fastboot reboot
  6. During the time of the reboot, Your phone will be factory reset.

Now you have unlocked your LG V20’s Bootloader. To confirm the same, use the command  “fastboot getvar unlocked”  or “fastboot oem device-info“. If the Bootloader has been unlocked correctly, It will show a Warning message when you reboot the phone.

Now you can move on to next steps below – Rooting LG V20 & Installing TWRP.

Steps to Install TWRP Recovery on LG V20

You cannot use the traditional method you used in other mobiles to Install TWRP. The direct Installation method is Not possible on LG V20 due to system security. So Try this Working method to Install TWRP on LG V20.

Make sure that You have copied all the recowvery binaries you have downloaded, to the ADB & Fastboot Folder. So you have All files (
twrp.img, Recowvery binaries) in the same folder. Then you’re ready to go.

  • Open the Adb hold down the Shift key Right-click anywhere on the folder window, then from the options click “Open Command Window Here”
Root Lg V20 - Step 1
  • Plugin your mobile to PC via USB Cable.
  • Now copy to your phone’s internal storage.
  • Type the following commands in command Window one by one. Hit Enter after each command.

*If you have any doubts, refer to the green arrows in the Screenshots

adb push dirtycow /data/local/tmp
adb push recowvery-applypatch /data/local/tmp
adb push recowvery-app_process64 /data/local/tmp
adb push recowvery-run-a

recowvery TWRP LG V20 H918 US996 H830
Recowvery Commands LG v20

Note: Above commands are for Saving Recowvery to the temp folder.

adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp
chmod 0777 *
./dirtycow /system/bin/applypatch recowvery-applypatch

Run recowvery TWRP LG V20 H918
Recowvery Commands LG v20

*Please wait till the process completion, then type “exit” without quotes

./dirtycow /system/bin/app_process64 recowvery-app_process64

[GUIDE] How To Root LG V20 & Install TWRP [H918] 1
Installing TWRP LG v20

*This will take some seconds

exit adb logcat -s recowvery

install twrp lg v20 h918

*After showing successful press CTRL+C

adb shell reboot recovery

install custom recovery lg v20 h918

*wait for device to boot up again

adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp
./dirtycow /system/bin/run-as recowvery-run-as
run-as exec ./recowvery-applypatch boot
run-as su

twrp lg v20
  • Now type in below command to transfer the twrp.img to the desired place.

dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery

LG V20 h918 twrp
Install Custom Recovery Lg v20

adb push twrp.img /sdcard/twrp.img
adb shell
$ run-as exec dd if=/sdcard/twrp.img of=/dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/recovery

lg v20 recovery TWRP
Install TWRP on LG V20
  • Now the recovery is in the correct place. use below command to reboot into the newly installed recovery.

reboot recovery

  • Now your device should be in Recovery mode. When recovery asks for Swipe to allow System Modification just Hit ENTER.

Don’t close the Recovery Mode. We haven’t finished yet. Next Step is Rooting.

Credits: XDA, Github

Steps to Root LG V20

You are on Recovery Mode now. rest of the steps are Easy. You can root your LG V20 H918 with some simple Taps.

  • Tap on INSTALL in the recovery menu.
Root Lg V20
LG V20 Root – Step 1
  • Navigate Device Internal Storage, then select which is previously copied to our device.
How to root LG V20
LG V20 Root – Step 2
  • Swipe to Flash to LG V20
LG V20 - Root Steps
LG V20 Root – Step 2

After successfully completing the Flash Process click on Reboot button.

Yeah, Done! Now your LG V20 has an unlocked bootloader, latest Custom recovery and Root Access.

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How to Verify Root Access

Open Play store After doing all the steps Above. Before installing Root Required APPs, you need to verify. Your device is Successfully rooted or not. And for that, you need to download an app from the Play store. Download it from the below link.

Root Checker
Root Checker
Developer: joeykrim
Price: Free+

After Installing the Root checker App Tap on “Verify Root” then And click on “Grant” in the Superuser Access Prompt.

Root Check LG V20
Root Checker LG V20
Verify Root LG V20 H918
Verify Root – LG V20

If you have done the steps correctly, you can see a message saying “Congratulations! Root access is properly installed on this device!



So this is the Easiest method to root your LG V20 H918. and you have successfully unlocked the Bootloader and installed TWRP Recovery on your LG V20. You can now flash Custom Roms, install Customised Modules, Scripts, and Flash Kernels on your Rooted LG Mobile.

If you’ve any queries or facing issues during the process. feel free to drop a comment below. Do not forget to share this with your friends using LG V20 🙂

Thanks for reading.

– Cyber4Geeks



  1. Fernando Zelada

    May 12, 2020 at 2:43 am

    It works on lg v20 ls997 android 8 oreo Sprint variant?

    • Manikandan R

      May 16, 2020 at 10:40 pm

      not tried on that model. You can try, but before that take a full back up

  2. Enoch

    August 14, 2020 at 1:54 pm

    Please I need help someone who can help with to root my v20 h918 with TeamViewer online please that’s how I want it please please please

    • Aaron

      October 4, 2020 at 8:24 am

      Which version of android u have? ping me on telegram @Infotechservice.

  3. roni

    September 10, 2020 at 5:08 am

    hi / im try this on my tmobile 918 lg v20
    i getting error *push requires an argument* when im try adb push recowvery-run-as #4 on the step
    all the file i put them on the adb folder /

    • Manikandan R

      October 4, 2020 at 7:19 am

      Can you follow the steps here for recowvery

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