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Top 46 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know



Top 46 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 46 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

We constantly prefer to carry out issues in a basic and easy method. End up being it in lifestyle or anywhere else, Keyboard Shortcuts are what we are searching for. If you are a Computer Geek then allow me to inform you Windows Keyboard Shortcuts can increase your efficiency.

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Using Keyboard Shortcuts can Significantly Boost Your Work Productivity

Take the opening of the File Explorer, for example, If you use the Keyboard shortcut you can open it from anywhere. Without the shortcut, you would have to go to the desktop and need to open the My computer

If your job relies heavily on using Windows computer, then Keyboard shortcuts will not only get the function done quickly but also enhances the performance.

Fast and useful keyboard shortcuts may conserve countless hours of your day-to-day Work by making functions very much even more comfortable. Right here we possess determined to present you the most useful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows that you can try today:

Right here are the Keyboard shortcuts:


#1 F1 – Help

#2 F2 – Rename

#3 F3 – Search for a file inside My Computer

#4 F4 – Opens the address bar on My Computer

#5 ALT+F4 – Closes the active window, files, folders

#6 F5 – Refresh the present window/web page

#7 ALT + ENTER – Displays the properties of the chosen files



#10 ALT + TAB – Change between the open apps

#11 CTRL + LEFT ARROW – cursor goes to the beginning of the previous word

#12 CTRL + RIGHT ARROW – Moves the cursor to the starting of the next word

#13 CTRL + ARROW + SPACEBAR – Let you select individual items in any folder.

#14 WIN + E – Opens up File Explorer from anywhere

#15 WIN + L – Locks your PC

#16 WIN + M – Minimizes all opened windows

#17 WIN + T – Allows you switch apps on the taskbar

#18 WIN + PAUSE – Immediately Show your Computer properties.

#19 WIN + SHIFT + M – Opens minimized windows on the desktop.

#20 WIN + Number 1-9 – Opens the working windows of the Programs pinned to the taskbar.

#21 WIN + ALT + Number 1-9 – Opens up the jump list for the programs pinned to the taskbar.

#22 WIN + UP Arrow – Maximize the currently working window

#23 WIN + Down Arrow – Minimize the Desktop window

#24 WIN + Left Arrow – Maximize the app to the left side of the display

#25 WIN + Right Arrow – Maximize the app to the right side of the display

#26 WIN + Home – Minimizes all desktop window expect the currently working window.

#27 SHIFT + LEFT – Selects 1 character of text to the left side.

#28 SHIFT + RIGHT -Selects 1 character of text to the right side.

#29 SHIFT + UP – Selects 1 line each time the arrow is pressed

#30 SHIFT + Down – Selects 1 line towards the down each time the arrow is pressed.

#31 CTRL + LEFT – Mouse cursor goes to the beginning of the word

#32 CTRL + RIGHT – Mouse cursor goes to the end of the word

#33 CTRL + H – Opens the browsing history in the web browser.

#34 CTRL + J – Opens the download tabs in a web browser.

#35 CTRL + D – Adds the current page to your bookmark list. (In Browser)

#36 CTRL + SHIFT + DEL – Opens up the window where you can clear your web browsing history. (Use in browser)

#37 CTRL + A – Shortcut used for selecting all files

#38 Ctrl + C/Ctrl + Insert – Copy any item to the clipboard.

#39 Ctrl + X – Remove the selected files and move it to the clipboard.

#40 Ctrl + V – Paste files or text from Clipboard

#41 Ctrl + Home – Cursor goes to the beginning of the page

#42 Ctrl + End – Move your cursor to the end of the page

#43 Ctrl + Tab – Move through the opened tabs

#44 Ctrl + R – Reload the current web page

#45 Ctrl + D – Send the file to Recycle Bin

#46 SHIFT + ARROW – Select more than one item in a Windowpane or on a desktop.

So, these are the 46 very best Computer keyboard shortcuts which may conserve many hours of your day-to-day work simply by making stuff very much easier. If you wish to add some in this list, just comment below.

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