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Top 46 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know



Top 46 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Top 46 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

We constantly prefer to carry out issues in the basic and easy method. End up being it in lifestyle or anywhere else, Keyboard Shortcuts are what we are searching for. If you are a Computer Geek then allow me to inform you Windows Keyboard Shortcuts can increase your efficiency.

Using Keyboard Shortcuts can Significantly Boost your Work Productivity

Take the opening of the File Explorer for example, If you use the Keyboard shortcut you can open it from anywhere. Without the shortcut, you would have to go to the desktop and need to open the My computer

If your job relies heavily on using Windows computer, then Keyboard shortcuts will not only get the function done quickly but also enhances the performance.

Fast and useful keyboard shortcuts may conserve countless hours of your day-to-day Work by making functions very much even more comfortable. Right here we possess determined to present you the most useful Computer Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows that you can try today:

Right here are the Keyboard shortcuts:


#1 F1 – Help

#2 F2 – Rename

#3 F3 – Search for a file inside My Computer

#4 F4 – Opens the address bar on My Computer

#5 ALT+F4 – Closes the active window, files, folders

#6 F5 – Refresh the present window/web page

#7 ALT + ENTER – Displays the properties of the chosen files



#10 ALT + TAB – Change between the open apps

#11 CTRL + LEFT ARROW – cursor goes to the beginning of the previous word

#12 CTRL + RIGHT ARROW – Moves the cursor to the starting of the next word

#13 CTRL + ARROW + SPACEBAR – Let you select individual items in any folder.

#14 WIN + E – Opens up File Explorer from anywhere

#15 WIN + L – Locks your PC

#16 WIN + M – Minimizes all opened windows

#17 WIN + T – Allows you switch apps on the taskbar

#18 WIN + PAUSE – Immediately Show your Computer properties.

#19 WIN + SHIFT + M – Opens minimized windows on the desktop.

#20 WIN + Number 1-9 – Opens the working windows of the Programs pinned to the taskbar.

#21 WIN + ALT + Number 1-9 – Opens up the jump list for the programs pinned to the taskbar.

#22 WIN + UP Arrow – Maximize the currently working window

#23 WIN + Down Arrow – Minimize the Desktop window

#24 WIN + Left Arrow – Maximize the app to the left side of the display

#25 WIN + Right Arrow – Maximize the app to the right side of the display

#26 WIN + Home – Minimizes all desktop window expect the currently working window.

#27 SHIFT + LEFT – Selects 1 character of text to the left side.

#28 SHIFT + RIGHT -Selects 1 character of text to the right side.

#29 SHIFT + UP – Selects 1 line each time the arrow is pressed

#30 SHIFT + Down – Selects 1 line towards the down each time the arrow is pressed.

#31 CTRL + LEFT – Mouse cursor goes to the beginning of the word

#32 CTRL + RIGHT – Mouse cursor goes to the end of the word

#33 CTRL + H – Opens the browsing history in the web browser.

#34 CTRL + J – Opens the download tabs in web browser.

#35 CTRL + D – Adds the current page to your bookmark list. (In Browser)

#36 CTRL + SHIFT + DEL – Opens up the window where you can clear your web browsing history. (Use in browser)

#37 CTRL + A – Shortcut used for selecting all files

#38 Ctrl + C/Ctrl + Insert – Copy any item to the clipboard.

#39 Ctrl + X – Remove the selected files and move it to the clipboard.

#40 Ctrl + V – Paste files or text from Clipboard

#41 Ctrl + Home – Cursor goes to the beginning of the page

#42 Ctrl + End – Move your cursor to the end of the page

#43 Ctrl + Tab – Move through the opened tabs

#44 Ctrl + R – Reload the current web page

#45 Ctrl + D – Send the file to Recycle Bin

#46 SHIFT + ARROW – Select more than one item in a Window pane or on a desktop.

So, these are the 46 very best Computer keyboard shortcuts which may conserve many hours of your day-to-day work simply by making stuff very much easier. If you wish to add some in this list, just comment below.

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Whatsapp Payments: Everything You Need To Know



Whatsapp Payments

Whatsapp is a messenger application that millions of people use. But now they have launched the popular UPI payment system in their app. Through the UPI system, WhatsApp making a challenge to current UPI apps. Their biggest advantage is their huge user base in India. Are you curious about how WhatsApp Payments work? Here’s how we can configure WhatsApp payments and everything you need to know about it.

Whatsapp payment feature is available to select users right now. You must have the latest version of Whatsapp on your mobile. That’s Version 2.18.22 in iPhone and v2.18.41 in Android. First, open any WhatsApp chat window and check for Payments option in Settings. If you have that option, Great you can now access the Whatsapp Payment Feature. We are providing latest apk version link below for Android users

Whatsapp Upi payments

Let’s Get Started

Whatsapp Payments UPI

  1. Open Settings>Payments inside Whatsapp
  2. Now Open Bank Accounts and select the Add New Account Option
  3. Tap Accept and Continue
  4. Click on Verify Via SMS and follow the instructions on the screen                         (NOTE: Same as other UPI apps, You must have bank registered mobile number in your handset)
  5.   Select Your Bank and after SMS  sent you can see your account connected to your selected Bank just Tap on It
  6.  If you have multiple accounts linked to the same number select the accounts you need one by one.


You will have to enable your UPI Account which is linked with your bank account number and that account number will be linked with your mobile number which must be on your mobile obviously. GUIDE is already posted above.

  • After enabling UPI
  • TAP on Attachement>Payment

Whatsapp Send Money

  • Enter the amount of money which you want to send and then write a note if you want ( eg. RENT ..)

And the money will be sent immediately


At a time on WhatsApp, you can send maximum of 5000RS. You cannot send anything more than 5000 as of now. whereas when it comes to Google Tez it supports payments up to 99,999Rs. So that is the limitation of WhatsApp, Whatsapp may lift the transaction limit in future, But right now it 5000 as of February 2018. When Whatsapp increase the transaction we will update the same here.


Will it stay in my WhatsApp wallet or something like that?

Never. Because when it comes to UPI there is no wallet involved. If I am transferring money to my friend, Money will be transferred from my Bank Account to that person’s Bank Account. WhatsApp will not store any type of payments


It will take 5 to 10 Seconds only. UPI Payments are extremely fast as compared to NEFT Payments which can take few hours. UPI Payments is we Personally prefer and that is we are using

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When it comes to any UPI Transaction there is one UPI Pin that will be known only to you. So do not keep UPI Pin as your birthday,123456 or anything of that sort. Don’t choose easy pin at all. Do keep your UPI pin very safe do not message that to someone else. Anyways if someone wants to hack your UPI Payments Application they will need access to your device, sim card. Because a  message will be sent from your device itself and UPI cannot be activated from a device does not have the same SIM Card which the Bank Account is linked. So UPI Payments is completely safe. Just make sure that you keep your UPI Pin something which is little bit awkward and very difficult.

Take Screenshots in Recovery Mode TWRP/CWM/PHilz Best and Easy Method


When it comes to setting up UPI you have to select your bank. Nationalised Banks such as SBI, HDFC, ICICI all these banks are listed also many small banks are also listed over there but when it comes to some urban banks like Grameen bank they may not be listed on the UPI payments. Unfortunately, if the Bank is not listed, You Won’t be able to use the UPI feature in any Application. But Majority of good banks are present over there

If you still have any more doubts, issues, or queries regarding WhatsApp payments which I not mentioned in this article. Do let me know that in the comment section below I will try my best to answer your question

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Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.0 Oreo update Now Rolling Out : Features and Install Guide



Mi A1 Android 8.0 Oreo update

Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.0 Oreo update Now Rolling Out

Mi A1 Android 8.0 Oreo update Installing guide

Xiaomi is now rolling out the Android 8.0 Oreo update for the Mi A1 phone in India. Xiaomi Mi A1 is getting the stable build of Android 8.0 Oreo. MI did not share any changelog for the update on the Mi Forum till now, but many users on social media tech groups uploaded their screenshots showing the update. They announced the update through a tweet posted from their official Twitter handle. Xiaomi says the update will be in batches, So every Mi A1 user will not receive the update right away.

As per an official post on Xiaomi’s MIUI Forums, users need to first install software version 7.12.19 (Android Nougat) on their Mi A1 to receive the OTA update to Android Oreo (version 7.12.29). The update is just over 1GB (1107.4MB) and includes the December Android security patch alongside other new features.

Please upgrade to 7.12.19 (Android N) first before you can upgrade to 7.12.29 (Android O). 
Xiaomi notes on its forum.


Xiaomi Mi A1 Android 8.0 Oreo update: A closer look

mi a1 android 8.0 oreo update


Finally Android Oreo Stable is rolling out for Mi A1. It comes with plenty of changes, spanned across revamped looks to under the hood changes. While there’s so much more to explore, for a start here are all the important changes we have listed out for you.

  • Picture-in-Picture mode: continue watching a video or take a video call while performing other tasks
  • Improved notifications: includes ability to snooze notifications
  • Adaptive icon


Mi A1 Android 8.0 Oreo update Install.

This an Over-The-Air update and the user can just go to the

Settings App>System> System Update and hit install.

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User Interface Changes

App Drawer Improvements

Now you can swipe up to open up the app drawer from anywhere on the screen, you are no longer required to initiate the swipe from the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Light UI: Notification Shade & Quick Toggles

The dark notification shade and quick toggles are now gone, Android Oreo introduces a Light UI for notification shade and quick toggles

Notification Dots

If an app has anything new to show you, a long tap on the app icon on the home screen will bring up a menu, with last recent notification, important shortcuts along with app’s widgets and ‘app info’ on top. Enable it from settings – apps & notifications – notifications – allow notifications dots and then, enable for each apps’ notification settings in app info.

Notification Channels

Using Notification Channels feature apps can now create different categories for notifications. Do note that apps need to enable this first. A long tap on the actual notification on notification drawer will bring up a special menu, by using which you’ll be able to control the priority and visibility of each type of notification posted by that app.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

Taking a step further from Android N’s split screen feature, Oreo introduces Picture-in-Picture mode. Where once apps enable this, they can display the content over a floating window while performing other tasks, a useful addition to watching videos or for video calls. Currently, VLC and YouTube (needs YouTube Red) have this feature live.

Autofill Framework

Remember how Chrome pushes the stored information like credit card no, addresses, credentials etc. and fill up the relative information fields? Oreo introduces one such feature extending the same capability with Autofill Framework, allowing apps to create and maintain their own list of auto-fill data and then populate it when required.
You can change setting from the ‘Autofill service’ in Languages & input in settings. Currently, Google’s service is the only option until other apps start taking advantage of this feature. It already uses passwords saved using Smart Lock in Chrome.

Snooze Individual Notifications

Sooner or later, an inappropriate notification will ding when you don’t have time to deal with it. Oreo has a special feature to deal with it, Swipe right (not too much though) on the notification and then tap the icon (clock one) to snooze it. By default it will be snoozed for 1 hour, click on ‘time’ to change it.

Night Light

Android Oreo introduces ‘Night Light’ mode which you can now activate it automatically based on customizable time and also change the intensity of it.

Other Changes

Adaptive Music App Notifications
Let your music choices be eclectic, as Oreo will find a perfect way to reflect it best on notification and making it breathtakingly beautiful on the lock screen. For all the media controls on notification, rather than selecting a single color for the notification based on app color, media playback notifications can now instead draw colors using the album artwork. Android then uses those colors to make a notification that blends across the artwork.
Smart Text Selection
The text selection menu now comes with intelligence inbuilt, based on the content of the selected text it now offers to open the chrome, dial a phone number or find directions using maps, indeed an intelligent inclusion, right?
Overlay Sticky Notifications
In the direction of increased security, if an app runs on overlay now Android will issue a sticky notification to alert you. For an app that uses overlay, a permission is required and notification won’t go away until the overlay is there.
More Granular Storage Control
Sooner or later everyone faces a situation where phone’s storage starts to fill up. Android Oreo introduces a storage breakdown from a bare basic to pretty advanced. It now features specific categories like “Games” and “Movie & TV Apps.” Each category will show you all the related apps making it easy to clear away cache and junk files.
Redefined Settings Structure
The good old settings categorization has been changed, a lot. While some of it you may find getting a higher ticket up in a row, while some you may have to dig a bit deep, until then you get used to at least.
New Emojis
Android’s emoji represented by minimalist blob since the KitKat era is now gone. Android O now comes with cute circular emoji set with a gradient which makes more sense and is somewhat distinctive, while surely more recognizable with a wider range of colors.
New Battery Menu
More than just a visual refresh, Oreo introduces a whole new Battery Menu with frequently used battery-related options like battery saver and adaptive brightness on top. The battery usage graph is a bit easier to read with a menu at the bottom of the main menu, telling you specifically how much of your battery was used by which.
Instant Apps
Instant apps, chopped up pieces which can run instantly without needing an actual installation, has been there for quite a time now, but it will now be enabled by default
Faster Boot Speed & Improved battery life
Under the hood, Android O comes with many changes, cutting the boot time very short and at the same time improving the battery life by stopping the apps using more battery while they are in the background
Google Play Protect
You might not notice, but Google Play Protect in Oreo scans the apps automatically and rest of the files as an improved security measure.
Individual Unknown App Source Installation Permissions
In android before sideloading you need to enable the ‘unknown sources’ in settings, well this has been gone entirely, replaced with a different pop-up everytime that you trust the source (the app requesting to sideload apps) making it easy.
Progressive Package Installer Bar
Finally android has changed the indefinite app install bar all for so good when you sideload apps, getting replaced by an actual progress bar, with a cancel button to stop at any time.
All New 'Files' App
While it might not be feature-rich, File manager did get a makeover in Android Oreo, letting you do everything without needing an external app installation at least for the important stuff.
Adaptive Icons
With the whole lot of fragmentation of different shape of app icons on home screen, it was a tough job to include every shape of icons for different shape needs for app developers. Now app developer can ship their apps with adaptive icons, which will change the shape accordingly to circle, square, squircle or freeform accordingly when enabled. You need to enable developer options first (keep tapping your build number in about phone section) and then check home screen settings.
Wi-Fi Aware
Android Oreo comes with inbuilt API where two devices running on Android O will be able to discover them on same Wi-Fi network and can create a private network between them, although not visible for the user this is inclusion which app devs can use it to further develop the features based on it.
Rescue Party
A new feature called Rescue Party comes included with Android O applies a series of quick fixes when your phone repeatedly reboots, or when a persistent app continuously crashes, in the direction to lessen out the chances of boot loops.

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